Friday May 12, 2023

89. Tired of feeling like Work is Taking Over your Life? How to Have a Meaningful Career AND a Life, and Build a Better Work-Life Balance

Do you feel like work is taking over your life?

Are you burnt out & tired of giving all you've got in your work, but feeling like it leaves just the leftovers for your family and marriage, and barely any time for the rest of your life?

With a demanding job, and all it takes to care for your little ones & keep the home running, you're really struggling to find time to maintain your own mental & physical health because there's never enough time leftover for yourself (and when you do try to take a moment, you feel guilty because there's still more on that to-do-list or you get interrupted because someone needs you again!)

Do you wish you actually had time to rest and decompress or do more of what brings you true joy, but the workweeks feel like there's no time to breathe as you're trying to keep up, then the weekends are nonstop too, between getting as much quality time together as you can with your family, but also catching up on all the housework and prepping everything for the next week?

If you're anything like me, you dream of waking up every day full of energy and passion because you know you're living out God's call for you, fully present to & serving your family in the ways that are most important, and making a real impact through your work.

But in reality?

You're caught somewhere between always feeling guilty, torn, stressed, overworked, like you're failing somewhere, or like no matter how much you give, it's never enough.

You're tired of giving so much of yourself to your family & work and caring so much, yet feeling so depleted, frustrated, and isolated in the struggles.

You may even wonder deep down, 

"Is this really even worth it?"

"Something's gotta give."

"Is this what God is asking of me?"

"What am I doing wrong? Why can't I get it together?"

Sister, I just want to pause and wrap my arms around you for a moment.

 I see you. You are not alone. I was you.

I trust that God has brought you here for a reason.

I'm here to give you some hope that you don't have to stay stuck. He has an amazing plan for you.

Your family needs what you alone can give them. And the world needs what you have to offer.

So let's help you to heal from this burnout and find more balance, so you can do the work the Lord has made you for, but WITHOUT sacrificing what matters most.

Grab a notebook & pen or get ready to write these into the notes of your phone! I'm guiding you through 10 Key Reflection Questions that'll bring you immense clarity, and show you the next steps toward the balance your heart is longing for.

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